Founder Quest: Writing and Content Marketing for Devs
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Founder Quest: Writing and Content Marketing for Devs

Another week and another podcast wthe great group at Honeybadger. This time we covered writing and I think it turned out great.

The first 15 minutes we chatted linters, rubocop, standardrb and copilot. But then we went hard on content.

The second you feel inspired get it out on the page. Focus on scanability so it’s easier to read. Everything I put on the backlog is still in the backlog so just write it. Content is the transfer of energy/emotion.

Edit from top to bottom based on the experience a reader would have. Make sure your voice is coming through.

Once you write it you have to market it. Og image with carbon. Use code for og image if dev article. Market for yourself even if writing is not for a product.

I wrote nearly an article a week for 3 years. it takes a lot of practice but is so worth it. Many of my internet friends and good things that have happened to me are from writing and meeting people at conferences.

Give it a listen!

FounderQuest | Writing and Content Marketing for Developers
John Nunemaker returns to FounderQuest to discuss his writing process—after the guys debate code linters and formatters, of course. It’s important to start with the essentials.Links:StandardrbJosh’…

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