Founder Quest: RailsConf Recap
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Founder Quest: RailsConf Recap

Founder Quest: RailsConf Recap

Last week I joined Ben and Josh on Founder Quest to recap RailsConf 2024. As you already know, we had a blast at RailsConf. But even if you read the article, give the podcast episode a listen as we cover more details and several non-RailsConf related items.

I also really liked the segments on insights + graphs + automatic rails APM style dashboards and the possibility of a self-hosted version of insights someday.

FounderQuest | RailsConf recap with John Nunemaker
Josh and Ben are joined by John Nunemaker to discuss their recent trip to Detroit for RailsConf, as well as the announcement from RubyCentral that 2025 will mark the final RailsConf (though not theā€¦

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