I love basketball. From playing in the snow with gloves on as a kid to noon hoops 3x/week in my 40's, it's my favorite game.

A few years back I had a dream come true when we moved into a house with a big pole barn. Half of that barn is for basketball now.

The best part is that it's heated during winter months, which means no more gloves and snow when I'm trying to get some shots up. 😉

Wide angle photo from the door of my half court basketball.


In October of 2022, I commissioned Clark de Fluiter to spice up the west wall. I told him my favorite players were Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp and Lebron James. Clark came up with an amazing "dunk contest" concept and even threw in a few easter eggs.

Clark de Fluiter's Dunk Contest (between Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp and Lebron James).

Of note:

  • Lebron has a South Bend watch on his wrist.
  • Laker's sponsor is Box Out instead of Wish or whatever it was that year.
  • Lebron's patch has 4 instead of 6 (Bill Russell) for my family (Me, my wife and 2 kids).
  • The ball Jordan is dunking has a reflection (bottom right) of him holding the trophy and crying after his father's death. Also, Jordan's ball is gold because he was 6 for 6 in the finals.
  • Kemp is dunking a Concord ball which is where he went to high school. Concord is in Elkhart, IN which is a few miles from where I live.
  • Clark has a few behind the scenes instagram posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8).
Clark de Fluiter and Me (John Nunemaker) posing fancy with the mural.


When the hoop is that close to the wall, you gotta have pads. I was stoked to find these pads online that include a ton of my favorite players.

Comfy to smash into and fun to see how many you can name.

This is for you Cleveland!

The block, the shot and the trophy.


This is what it looked like when we moved in. Floor was horribly dirty, walls were unfinished and no hoop.